Webfleet Focuses on Innovation

Friday 5 January 2024

Webfleet, the fleet management solution from the Bridgestone Group, showcases its fleet management solutions at the Flotauto Meetings, highlighting electrification, CO2 reporting, and artificial intelligence (AI).


Mindful of the current and future environmental challenges, fleet management specialist Webfleet continues its technological investments, providing new features to businesses to optimize their fleet management. The Flotauto Meetings provide another opportunity for Webfleet to demonstrate the strengths of its fleet management solution. By connecting their vehicles to Webfleet, fleet managers have an efficient and user-friendly tool to reduce fuel consumption, enhance driver safety, calculate and decrease CO2 emissions, all while ensuring compliance with new environmental regulations. With 20 years of experience and a presence in over 100 countries worldwide, Webfleet became part of the Bridgestone Group in 2019 and plays an integral role in Bridgestone's vision for sustainable mobility.

Here are the flagship solutions and products offered by Webfleet:

- Webfleet CO2 Report: Certified by the independent organization TÜV Rheinland, this report allows companies to calculate their CO2 emissions based on data collected from vehicles. It facilitates compliance with the new European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) regulations.

- Fleet Electrification Report: Enables fleet managers to control the costs of transitioning to electric vehicles. Before the electrification process, Webfleet offers a diagnosis based on the usage data of conventional fleet vehicles and the opportunity to replace them with their electric equivalents. Once the electric vehicle is integrated into the fleet, Webfleet provides a solution to monitor and optimize vehicle charging.

- Webfleet Video and CAM 50/CAM Aux Dashcams: These combine dashcam footage with fleet driving data to provide the complete context of incidents. Integrated Artificial Intelligence technology identifies risky behaviors and notifies the driver to prevent potential dangers. In case of an accident, the video helps understand the context and, in some instances, proves the driver's innocence with video evidence.

- New PRO M Terminal: This rugged all-in-one terminal, ideal for utilities and small vehicles, functions as a smartphone and comes with pre-installed Webfleet professional applications (Work App, Vehicle Check, and TomTom GO Fleet). An integrated solution for fully managed missions at a competitive price.

- Webfleet Work App and Vehicle Check Applications: Work App (an Android application for workflow digitization, daily task management, and advanced navigation) and Vehicle Check (digitizing daily vehicle inspections by drivers, reducing administrative tasks, streamlining compliance processes for quick decision-making).