MyCarFleet is evolving.

Monday 8 January 2024

Extension of the GAC Car Fleet automotive fleet management software, the MyCarFleet mobile application incorporates new features.


The MyCarFleet mobile application, an extension of the GAC Car Fleet automotive fleet management software, celebrated its 4th anniversary. Serving drivers, it accompanies them daily by providing access to all information related to their vehicles (cars, vans, machinery, etc.) and much more with just a few clicks. Managers also benefit from a specific profile to access their entire fleet from their smartphone.

MyCarFleet maintains the link between managers and drivers.
The mobile application offers a significant time-saving for managers in their daily tasks. Drivers are autonomous and can access all information about their vehicles through MyCarFleet: mileage reports, fuel card details, next maintenance date, procedures in case of breakdown or accident, condition reports, search for service providers, virtual document folder, and more. Thanks to the dedicated profile, the manager stays connected with the fleet and colleagues, accessing all vehicle records quickly and easily. Additionally, a function for scanning Parking Fine documents (FPS) allows automatic creation through dynamic field reading. With one click, the FPS is created and sent directly to the GAC Car Fleet software.

90% of new clients have adopted MyCarFleet. The application evolves regularly to meet user needs. On its fourth anniversary, the home screen has been redesigned with a new layout to optimize ergonomics and simplify use. The mobile application is enriched with new features to streamline the manager's and collaborators' daily tasks. Here are the two main ones:
-Widget customization. The home screen of the mobile application consists of various widgets, such as mileage reports, upcoming maintenance, order tracking, last shared vehicle reservation, compliance with driving laws, digital document folder, etc. These are now fully customizable, allowing the manager to activate or deactivate them as needed.
-Condition reports. MyCarFleet has a feature that allows the driver to conduct a condition report on their vehicle during delivery, return, or in case of an accident. They are guided step by step in taking photos and compiling the documentation. Once completed, it is sent directly to the manager in GAC Car Fleet. This function is now available for machinery, trucks, trailers, vans, etc.