Ocean in the service of CSR

Wednesday 3 January 2024

Ocean, the fleet management solution from Orange Business, is accelerating its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), without forgetting its fundamentals to make fleet managers daily tasks easier.


Ocean has successfully anticipated the needs of businesses in terms of energy transition by directing its roadmap towards CSR solutions in recent years. This includes car-sharing, eco-driving, and the management of low-emission electric and hybrid vehicles. With the Climate and Resilience laws, as well as the New Mobility Orientation Law (LOM), companies and communities are now obligated to green their vehicle fleets by imposing quotas for low-emission vehicles. The Ocean solution not only identifies vehicles eligible for electrification but also ensures their management (energy management, battery, consumption, etc.).

Solutions for eco-driving and car-sharing
Road safety is a strategic focus for human resources in companies, considering that road accidents are the leading cause of workplace mortality. In this regard, Ocean continuously enhances its eco-driving module and collaborates with partners specialized in driver training. The goal is to accelerate the adoption of responsible behaviors, which not only restrict the risks of accidents but also drastically reduce energy consumption costs and consequently, CO2 emissions.

The car-sharing solution developed by Ocean addresses the growing needs of companies and government agencies looking to reduce vehicle-related costs and optimize business travel. Digital keys or RFID badges for door access, reservation applications, and the management of shared vehicles are the initial modules of a value-added offering that is expected to become even richer in 2024.

Ocean supports fleet managers
These developments, exclusively carried out internally, firmly anchor Ocean in energy transition and address fleets with increasingly significant volumes. Ocean does not forget its historical market of fleet and activity management and continues to provide ever more sophisticated features to its clients, thanks in part to its partnerships with manufacturers (Stellantis, Renault, and more recently BMW). Ocean recently introduced universal identification via smartphone, a new driver identification system without the need for onboard hardware installation. This results in savings for the fleet manager and a simplified process for drivers. As a reminder, driver identification is a feature that allows fleet managers to know who is using company vehicles. This is useful for easily finding a driver in case of an infraction or for easily establishing attendance records.