Europcar Mobility Group is betting on flexible rental

Wednesday 10 January 2024

Europcar Mobility Group presents its subscription offering for businesses, featuring entirely flexible vehicle rentals.


For businesses in need of a vehicle for a month or more, without wanting to commit long-term, Europcar Long-Term Solutions offers a flexible alternative to leasing or purchasing. The concept involves renting a vehicle for 28 days to 24 months with the option to terminate freely. Whether it's a passenger car or a utility vehicle, Europcar provides a wide range of models catering to various needs. Two monthly subscription options are available: Flex and Superflex.

A minimum of one month
Starting from a minimum rental period of one month, any business can then adjust its rental duration based on its requirements, without commitment, without an initial payment (unlike leasing), and without exit fees, all with flexible conditions. For example, a customer can initiate a vehicle rental for one month and then change their mind; they will only be charged for the actual rental days. These offerings also include a broad selection of vehicles and various options for mileage. Maintenance, insurance, and tires are included in the price, and the monthly rate is fixed, allowing businesses to control their expenses without surprises.

An offering tailored to electric vehicles
Last year, Europcar recorded over 8,000 subscriptions to Flex and SuperFlex offerings, comprising 45% cars and 55% utility vehicles. The rental company also observes significant growth in its subscription offerings for electric vehicles. In this regard, it provides a broad range of electric and hybrid passenger and utility vehicles to address the challenges of sustainable mobility.