Madic Presents its Pulse Range of Charging Stations

Monday 22 January 2024

The Madic Group is expanding its range of AC and DC Pulse charging stations, offering power capacities ranging from 3 to 400 kW and environmentally conscious charging solutions.


Madic continues its commitment to energy transition and electric mobility. In 2022, the charging station manufacturer inaugurated its new Technological Center in Saint-André-De-Cubzac, north of Bordeaux (33). With an investment of 20 million euros, the center spans 18,000 square meters and is designed to meet the evolving needs of the electric vehicle charging and hydrogen distribution market. An international center dedicated to electronic repair, payment, and system activities, certified by the GIE Carte Bancaire, has also been established.

Four Research and Development Offices
The Technological Center in Saint-André-De-Cubzac houses four Research & Development offices, all working on designing sustainable and responsible charging solutions to meet the diverse needs of electric vehicle drivers and operators. These offices include state-of-the-art laboratories, charging simulators, and flexible facilities equipped with the latest technologies to develop, produce, test, and repair cutting-edge solutions. By improving the repairability and retrofit index of their charging stations, Madic's engineers anticipate the needs of tomorrow.

Charging Stations Tailored to All Needs
Madic's Pulse AC and DC range offers unparalleled reliability and flexibility. Compatible with all types of electric vehicles, it allows users to benefit from optimal charging times according to their usage patterns. With power ranging from 3 to 400 kW, this range provides a customizable solution for various needs, from private vehicles to transport fleets, public and private charging stations, meeting the requirements of service areas, businesses, stores, and parking spaces.

Management Autonomy
The technologies used in the Pulse DC fast-charging stations also incorporate electrical energy metering systems that comply with the latest legal metrology regulations. This ensures that consumers are billed for the energy delivered. As a pioneer in universal interoperability with credit card payments on electric charging stations, Madic allows its customers to maintain a certain level of management autonomy.

Pulse AC and DC: An Innovative Range of Charging Stations
"At Madic, our goal is to create charging solutions that make electric mobility accessible and convenient for everyone. With our Pulse AC and DC range, we highlight our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction," said Sébastien Herbaut, France's director of the Madic Group. A recognized specialist for over 50 years in energy distribution equipment services, Madic also offers turnkey deployment solutions with its Works and Maintenance teams. Its expertise has been extended to its subsidiaries in countries close to France: UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain.

A Team of EV Charging Experts
Technical experts analyze needs according to the sector and target audience to adapt charging power according to each individual's mobility needs. They provide advice and assistance in the necessary administrative procedures before carrying out the installation. To optimize usage conditions and ensure the proper functioning of charging stations, Madic also offers preventive and corrective maintenance contracts. All participants are qualified and adhere to current standards and regulations.