WeProov Fleet optimizes return costs

Friday 19 January 2024

WeProov, the European leader in digital inspection solutions since 2015, will be presenting its WeProov Fleet service at Rencontres Flotauto. An anti-inflation solution dedicated to fleet managers.


WeProov Fleet is a tool that enables customers to remotely check the actual condition of their fleet, thereby optimizing their TCO. Thanks to this service, WeProov customers saved an average of 450 euros per vehicle returned in 2023, an increase of 120 euros on 2022, according to the brand. In an inflationary context, it's important to anticipate vehicle repairs to relieve companies' fleet budgets. However, detecting, estimating and coordinating repairs is a time-consuming task for drivers and managers alike, and can ultimately add to a fleet's TCO. The aim of WeProov Fleet is to help companies (fleet managers, finance and purchasing departments) anticipate fleet expenditure and optimize costs.

WeProov Fleet: substantial savings
Based on inspections carried out by the drivers themselves, WeProov Fleet instantly alerts the fleet manager to any damage detected. With just a few clicks, the fleet manager can transform this inspection into a bodywork estimate from a garage. And if the estimate is satisfactory, a simple click on "Accept estimate" enables WeProov Fleet to coordinate vehicle repairs with the driver. This is a real revolution in fleet management, helping to control costs and save time. Indeed, in a tense economic climate, WeProov Fleet has enabled more than 40 corporate customers to achieve substantial savings of 2,250,000 euros since the start of 2023, or an average of 450 euros per vehicle returned, compared with around 330 euros last year.