ANYOS: Eco-designed, Scalable, and Made in France Charging Stations

Friday 12 January 2024

Founded in 2019, the Tarn-based company Anyos is deploying electric vehicle charging stations for businesses and local authorities. These eco-designed systems are manufactured in Occitania.


The design is both sleek and ergonomic. In a booming market for electric vehicle charging stations, the Toulouse-based company ANYOS has chosen both elegance and eco-design. This choice is fully embraced by its three co-founders, Paul Malbert, Aurélien Michel-Vioux, and Nicolas Vermorel: to contribute to the decarbonization of the automotive fleet by focusing on production in Occitania and a 100% scalable product (number of charging points, normative updates, software and hardware evolutions). A winning position, as since its establishment in 2019, the startup has attracted major names such as Bouygues ES, Eurofins, GA Smart, Vinted, and Crédit Agricole. Their next challenge? Further penetrating the market for local authorities, also in high demand for resilient and infinitely scalable charging solutions.

Significant Investment in R&D
To support its development, the 13-employee company completed a €1.5 million fundraising round in December 2022, with contributors including NMP Développement (Crédit Agricole Nord Midi-Pyrénées), Ocseed, CIC, and Bpifrance. "This operation allowed us to strengthen our teams to expand our catalog," explains Paul Malbert, CEO of the company. "In 2023, we reinvested €200,000 to support our technological sovereignty. Additionally, we aim to launch associated services for our clients, such as a mobile application to facilitate station maintenance, and to enhance our financing solutions to complement our leasing offer launched in 2023."

10,000 Charging Points by 2025
On the production side, the prospects are significant. "In 2023, we deployed several hundred charging points for nearly 30,000 user sessions with an availability rate exceeding 99%. The production unit is currently calibrated for 200 stations per month. By 2025, we should have operated 5,000 stations. All of this, of course, will happen gradually." The process will rely on a detailed technical-commercial network in the French market and a significant strengthening of the company's teams. "By the end of 2025, we should have more than 60 employees," predicts Paul Malbert.

ANYOS will launch a new station, ANY M_, in the first quarter of 2024, the smaller wall-mounted sister of ANY S_, still eco-designed, scalable, designed, and manufactured in France.