N2JSoft launches its professional card N2F

Wednesday 10 January 2024

N2F, the 100% connected expense management solution from N2JSoft, now includes a professional bank card. A complementary and secure service for expense management.


N2JSoft, the creator of the connected expense management solution N2F, has launched its professional bank card. Designed to simplify and secure the management of professional expenses and travel expenses, this N2F professional card also aims to save time and improve expense traceability. "This new offering is in line with our DNA, which is to facilitate and secure the financial flows of companies," said Nicolas Dubouloz, CEO and founder of N2JSoft. The bank card truly responds to a demand from our clients who want to simplify and secure the management of their expense reports, as well as the growing need for autonomy and mobility of teams."

A payment solution for professional expenses
There are three types of N2F cards to cover all the needs of SMEs, ETIs, large groups, and associations: the physical card, the virtual card, and the single-use virtual card. The limits can be configured from one euro to 100,000 euros per month (daily, weekly, monthly, or per transaction limits), to ensure that payments comply with the company's expense policy. N2F cards are customizable: choice of days and hours of use, authorization or exclusion of ATM withdrawals, payments abroad or online... While expense tracking and card fleet management are carried out in real-time from the N2F software (Smart Transaction Tracking). Bank reconciliation is automatic and allows financial services to quickly control expenses.

Facilitating the daily life of employees
The features are designed to facilitate the daily life of employees on business trips or business travel, for all payments related to company expenses. Thus, the cardholder can choose their own PIN, block or suspend their card directly from the N2F mobile application, receive a mobile notification after a payment by N2F bank card, and pay with their preferred support (Apple Pay, Android Pay, smartphone, or smartwatch). Thanks to a connection between the professional card and the N2F application, transaction reconciliation is automatic and in real-time.