SoFLEET is betting on eco-driving.

Tuesday 9 January 2024

Lors des Rencontres Flotauto, SoFLEET présentera son module d’écoconduite. Un outil utilisant des indicateurs clés pour réduire les coûts et l’impact environnemental de sa flotte. 


The road transport sector is responsible for 94.9% of greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation industry. Risky driving, abrupt acceleration and braking, excessive speed, idling engines, underinflated tires, overloaded or poorly maintained vehicles—these factors contribute to energy consumption, increased vehicle fleet costs, and road safety risks.

Key indicators
SoFLEET introduces a new eco-driving module containing key indicators to promote anticipatory, fuel-efficient, and smooth driving. Following a partnership agreement with Nouvelle Route last spring, SoFLEET benefited from the training organization's expertise in defining indicators to monitor driver behaviors based on eco-driving. While most fleet management software provides information based on road risk (mainly from the accelerometer), SoFLEET offers real indicators to fleet managers, guiding them in cost management decisions. Among the new indicators are those related to engine over-revving, consumption (by road type for light vehicles), and durations/distances without consumption. Other indicators include braking ratio, duration in slow motion (to determine if the vehicle is in traffic jams), average speed, and cruise control ratio for heavy-duty vehicles.

A solution for all types of fleets
The SoFLEET web platform covers the entire value chain of fleet management for all types of vehicles: conventional, electric, and hybrid (cars, vans, passenger cars, trucks). SoFLEET offers a comprehensive, customizable, and user-friendly solution to support fleet managers in onboard telematics.