Pop Valet, a high-end logistics operator.

Wednesday 20 December 2023


Transporting, appraising, repairing/reconditioning, returning... Every day, automotive professionals have significant logistical needs, with a requirement for very short deadlines and competitive costs. To satisfy their clients, they must be able to intervene rapidly anywhere in France and abroad. This challenge is simplified by the implementation of innovative digital solutions and the emergence of market players who are not hesitant to break industry norms. This is the case with Pop Valet, an integrated logistics operator. This startup offers the possibility of transporting a vehicle from point A to point B, with additional services and within record timeframes, as easily as sending a package.

A primary focus, service quality
After seven years in the automotive logistics market, Pop Valet is among the influential players and has no intention of stopping there. Service quality is one of its major challenges, and Pop Valet is committed to doing everything possible to satisfy its clients, with continuous improvement of its processes and a reassessment at every stage of its operations. Significant investments have been made in recent years to automate and digitize the entire customer journey, as well as the business applications available to the Valets, guiding them step by step through the successful completion of the mission.

High reactivity at all levels of the company
The Pop Valet solution comes with a reactivity that completely breaks with the traditional deadlines practiced by the industry. A vehicle is taken care of and delivered within less than 48 hours in French territory, and this reactivity is primarily based on technology developed continuously over the years. Logistics is optimized through algorithms, automating the organization of batches and the proposal of missions, and selecting the most efficient Valets based on a scoring system. Alexandre Poisson, co-founder and CEO of Pop Valet, explains: "Our logistics operator mode allows us to accelerate the stages of automotive logistics and assign the best available Valet near each mission entrusted to us.