Sud Télématique launches Gaso-Link

Wednesday 24 January 2024

Sud Télématique adds a new application, Gaso-Link, dedicated to optimizing fuel management within transport companies and fleets, to its fleet management solution.


Two years after the successful integration of Driver Link & Tachy Link analysis features into its fleet management solution, Sud Télématique takes a further step by launching the Gaso-Link application. This represents a significant advancement in fuel management optimization within transport and industrial companies. Focused on a rigorous cost analysis approach, Gaso-Link meticulously breaks down the structure of fuel-related expenses through intuitive dashboards. Integrated into the Road Link portal, this application leverages vehicle telematics data to generate dynamic reports, providing an accurate view of average consumption, mileage between refueling, while highlighting costs and volumes of wasted fuel during stops.

The fight against fuel theft
One of the most innovative features of Gaso-Link lies in its ability to report any suspicious activity, such as fuel theft at the pump or siphoning of tanks. Sud Télématique emphasizes that this application is the result of an intensive development process launched several months ago. Its launch is seen as an opportunity for companies to achieve substantial savings through optimal fuel management. "GasoLink is the result of unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction," said Xavier Boulanger. "We are confident that this solution will provide our customers with the opportunity to maximize their operational efficiency and significantly reduce fuel-related expenses."

Gaso-Link integrated into Road Link
The Gaso-Link application will be available from January 2024 for all Road Link solution users. Sud Télématique is the very first company to uniquely offer a comparison between the fuel taken at the pump and that actually arrived in the tank. This initiative confirms Sud Télématique's ongoing commitment to providing cutting-edge technological solutions, thereby strengthening its position as a leader in innovation in the fleet management field.