PS Team strengthens its digital offering

Thursday 4 January 2024

Specialized in optimizing logistical and administrative processes, PS Team continues to enhance its service offering, resulting in strengthened expertise and customization.


Two years after its successful establishment in France, PS Team expands its presence and legitimacy among automotive professionals: short and long-term renters, automotive manufacturers, financial institutions, distributors, brokers, and more. This maturity is evidenced by significant growth and improvements to its flagship products, all aimed at better meeting the needs of its clients.

New services in France
While developing its document management activities, PS Team concurrently broadens its scope into new domains. The group now supports its clients in administrative processes for the roadworthiness of heavy vehicles, verification of negotiated conditions, and streamlining daily vehicle movement management.

Customization based on client needs
PS Team's software solutions are all personalized and configured according to clients' processes. These processes are defined in workshops with clients and integrated during the final configuration of the software. The various menus and reports are precisely tailored to meet the specific needs of its clients.

Evolution of PS Team's flagship solutions

- PS Trust: Manages and archives vehicle documents, including registration certificates, spare keys, certificates of conformity, etc. These documents are securely stored in dedicated spaces accessible to clients through a personalized web interface. PS Trust also prevents operational losses related to delays in document return and allows for control and cleanup of stocks through automatic detection of anomalies (such as errors and duplicate registration certificates).

- PS Speed Log: Ensures the management and optimization of vehicle transports. This SaaS platform for client/supplier communication allows for the daily submission and tracking of all vehicle transport requests and orders, directly connecting with service providers. With PS Speed Log, mobility professionals organize and optimize their transport orders by quickly engaging more carriers to find available slots and thereby shorten transport times. This system, utilized by national and regional carriers for several years, contributes to over 430,000 transports annually across Europe.

- PS Ticket: Simplifies the management of traffic code violations, reducing the workload for fleet managers. The solution allows PS Team to handle and process violation notices on behalf of its clients. With PS Ticket, the company takes care of designation procedures, follow-ups with users in the case of Parking Fine (FPS) notices, and offers payment solutions before deadlines to avoid surcharges and cash flow disruptions through periodic invoicing.