Modul-System provides telematics integration for the Renault Master.

Wednesday 20 December 2023

The new Renault Master is equipped with the Modul-Connect telematics system from Modul-System. This innovation won the Digital Connectivity Awards at the Solutrans 2023 trade show.


Modul-Connect, the telematics system from Modul-System, enabled the Renault Group to clinch the prestigious Digital Connectivity Award at the Innovation Awards ceremony during Solutrans 2023. This system is integrated into the Renault Master's display, providing seamless access to crucial data such as vehicle weight, asset tracking, battery status, air conditioning, the logbook, and even control over auxiliary heating and lighting. It is now possible to easily monitor and control various vehicle functions through the display inside the cabin.

Advanced Features
Modul-Connect offers advanced features through a powerful control unit in each vehicle. The system sends data to the cloud via a SIM card, allowing real-time access to information through a customizable web portal. It provides the ability to track the vehicle's position, route, battery levels, and even the weight of vehicles equipped with the weighing system. Additional modules, such as a motion sensor for anti-theft alarms, asset trackers to prevent tool loss, and a temperature and humidity sensor, can be integrated. The web portal also facilitates easy management of past routes, driving habits, and generates detailed driving log reports.