Fulli supports fleet managers in managing their vehicle fleet

Tuesday 23 January 2024

Fulli relies on the expertise of the APRR group to assist companies in managing their toll badge fleet


With the badge attached to the vehicle's windshield, employees can enjoy all the benefits of electronic toll collection: time savings, dedicated toll lanes, and barrier-free lanes that allow passage through toll booths at 30 km/h. Accepted at all types of toll booths, the badges enable payment for new open-flow systems. The badges also allow payment for more than 1,000 parking facilities in Europe. Thanks to Fulli and its extensive BtoB experience, professionals can benefit from a single billing system that consolidates all expenses related to toll badges, while facilitating management by fleet managers.

A charging card
Fulli also offers a charging card for electric vehicles. This card allows users to access a network of over 300,000 charging stations in Europe, including 100,000 in France. The pricing policy is transparent and offers some of the lowest prices on the market (according to online price comparators), thanks to kWh and/or charging time billing. To assist users, the rates and availability of each charging station are detailed and accessible from the Fulli mobile application.

Dedicated management tool
Fulli facilitates the management and control of the badge fleet through an online management extranet, accessible 24/7. Beyond badge management, this tool also provides access to personalized reporting, invoices, and CSV files with just a few clicks. To go further and streamline management, Fulli offers direct connections to management tools, thus facilitating data retrieval and integrated badge management in fleet management software. Personalized support from dedicated teams is available on business days.