Fest democratizes the electric commercial vehicle

Monday 15 January 2024

Fest launches an electric LCV rental offer, with no commitment and open to all, to democratize access to new 100% electric commercial vehicles.


While young companies are all too often denied access to a leased vehicle for lack of a sufficient financial track record, Fest, manufacturer of electric light commercial vehicles, is offering a lease offer accessible to all, with no commitment and no acceptance conditions. Leasing a commercial vehicle can quickly become a challenge for young companies without a long track record of financial success. However, having access to a vehicle is essential to their business, as it is for craftsmen who have to travel long distances to get from one site to another.

Ebox-M: an affordable rental offer
For these entrepreneurs, Fest offers a 100% electric light commercial vehicle leasing package, called Ebox-M. This no-obligation, no-means-tested offer is valid for any term up to 36 months. Ownership is possible at any time, at a price known in advance. It's also "all inclusive": in addition to the 5-year manufacturer's warranty, it includes comprehensive insurance with reduced deductible, 24/7 assistance, and maintenance included (excluding tires).

Integrated fleet management solutions
Founded in Singapore in 2019, Fest is a company specializing in the manufacture of electric LCVs whose mission is to optimize fleet performance and reduce their carbon footprint. Present on the French market since autumn 2023, the company is also developing integrated fleet management solutions, leveraging artificial intelligence, all via a dedicated digital platform.
"Faced with the financial obstacles that too often stand in the way of start-ups, Fest has set itself the mission of democratizing the use of 100% electric commercial vehicles with a rental offer that is as flexible as it is innovative," says Tom Anliker, COO of Fest. "Our objective is clear: to enable all entrepreneurs to benefit from a reliable, environmentally-friendly vehicle."