Geotab Focuses on AI

Monday 22 January 2024

During the Flotauto Meetings, Geotab will showcase its innovative telematics solutions designed for fleet managers.


As the global leader in connected transportation solutions, Geotab offers innovative and efficient telematics solutions to vehicle fleet managers. These solutions aim to simplify fleet management and support managers in addressing various challenges such as cost reduction, safety, and vehicle electrification. Geotab assists companies of all sizes in achieving their goals. The Geotab France team will present its latest innovations. Historically focused on telematics and more recently incorporating artificial intelligence (AI), Geotab can guide companies in their transition to electric vehicles by identifying which vehicles in a fleet can switch to electric without altering usage patterns and incurring additional costs.

Project G: A New Conversational Assistant
As a pioneer in artificial intelligence within the automotive fleet sector, Geotab recently announced the integration of its conversational assistant, Project G, into its platform to make fleet management even simpler, faster, and more efficient. Alongside other industry experts, François Denis, the General Manager of Geotab France, will explain the benefits for a manager in using a telematics solution to collect and leverage fleet data. This enables the identification of the most and least performing vehicles, as well as setting improvement and anticipation (preventive) strategies to make informed decisions.