GeoContact simplifies carpooling

Thursday 4 January 2024

GeoContact offers a vehicle pool management platform and connected key cabinets from Traka, making carpooling in businesses more convenient.


As an emerging player in the professional mobility sector, GeoContact is redefining standards for operational efficiency for professionals involved in managing or creating vehicle pools. By positioning its expertise at the forefront of innovation, GeoContact provides a vehicle pool management platform and connected key cabinets, simplifying the orchestration of shared needs. This comprehensive solution streamlines vehicle pool management, optimizes their utilization, and reduces operational costs by promoting carpooling, ride-sharing, and the greening of the fleet.

A performance-oriented approach
The GeoContact platform is built on intelligent architecture, offering complete visibility over all vehicles integrated into the Contact v10 software. It allows for instant reservations or key checkouts, efficient vehicle assignments, and traceability of movements, ensuring optimal resource utilization. The connected cabinets, controlled by the software, centralize and secure key sets. They generate valuable information presented in tables and histograms for detailed tracking and decision-making supported by concrete data. Users can access vehicle utilization rates, demand distribution, and a comprehensive movement summary.