Euromaster: Solutions to reduce usage costs.

Tuesday 2 January 2024

At the Rencontres Flotauto, Euromaster will address the major challenges faced by fleet managers in an especially inflationary context.


Supporting fleet managers in controlling the total cost of ownership is at the core of the solutions offered by Euromaster. The tire choice can positively impact both the vehicle's operating cost and its environmental footprint. Euromaster's primary role is to provide expert advice on tire selection, focusing not on brands but on usage, by selecting products that are best suited for vehicles, such as tires with low rolling resistance, which are less fuel-consuming. The use of tire labeling also brings a lot of transparency to this choice.

Preventive Maintenance
Furthermore, preventive maintenance is crucial to increase tire lifespan and reduce fuel consumption. The 'Mastercare' offering developed by Euromaster provides concrete solutions to address the need for fuel consumption reduction and tire lifespan extension. These solutions involve organizing regular fleet visits according to a schedule established with the client to proactively check the vehicle's safety components and detect necessary repairs. They allow for cost control through real-time information sharing on completed and upcoming maintenance tasks. These visits also ensure tire pressure control, essential for driver safety, and help prevent fuel wastage while extending tire longevity.