IES Synergy expands its range of charging stations.

Monday 15 January 2024

IES Synergy is expanding its offering of charging solutions for corporate parking lots and its ecosystem.


At the forefront of the design and development of charging stations, IES Synergy plays a crucial role in decarbonizing mobility. At the core of its mission is the commitment to provide and deliver electric vehicle charging solutions that are not only easy and cost-effective to own and operate but are also designed to integrate and evolve with the electric vehicle ecosystem, allowing for upgrades to additional services. This focus on adaptability ensures that IES Synergy's products remain relevant and effective in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. IES Synergy is evolving its offering to better support its clients and optimize the charging experience for users, also meeting the requirements of the LOM law (Mobility Orientation Law) aiming to equip parking lots with electric vehicle charging stations by the end of 2025.

Interconnection and Simplicity
This new offering, supported by our partners, aims to facilitate the transition to more responsible mobility by providing accessible charging solutions tailored to the needs of employees and visitors of companies. Companies are increasingly aware of the importance of electric mobility to reduce their carbon footprint, and the LOM law now obliges them to take concrete measures to promote the use of electric vehicles and consequently equip their parking lots. To meet the varied needs of users (employees, visitors), IES Synergy offers two types of charging: slow, with a 7kW station, and fast, with a 24kW station, connected to the proprietary Keywatt® Cloud Suite software that provides access to numerous associated services, such as direct access to IES Synergy support, remote station activations, as well as new comprehensive monthly reports (power counting, charging time, etc.). This connectivity allows companies complete visibility and control over the use of charging stations, enabling them, if necessary and according to their internal policy, to invoice their employees.

Enhancing the Charging Experience
"We are proud to offer this more comprehensive and highly available offering. Our goal is to make the charging experience as pleasant as possible and address more use cases for businesses and communities," said Jérôme Arnaud, President of IES Synergy. IES Synergy has already proven itself by installing fast charging stations at car dealerships (Volvo, Stellantis, BMW, etc.) and other companies. To enable this, IES Synergy's fundamental principles are reliability, quality, and interoperability. These are more than just keywords; they are the foundations upon which IES Synergy builds its customer-centric approach. Understanding and addressing the diverse needs of different customer segments is crucial. This involves offering personalized solutions, user-friendly designs, reliable customer service, and comprehensive after-sales support.