DAT: Key Data and Solutions for Fleets

Monday 8 January 2024

During the Flotauto Meetings, DAT will showcase its web services platform and new offerings tailored to fleet managers.


DAT, the German leader in automotive repair and business software for corporate fleets (passenger cars, vans, utility vehicles, trucks, and motorcycles), is accelerating its fleet business. At the Flotauto Meetings, the company will present the advantages of its web services platform and its new offerings tailored to the needs of fleet managers. This platform provides them with access to precise vehicle data throughout their lifecycle, from the creation of the "car policy" to the resale of end-of-contract vehicles, including the estimation of maintenance and repair costs.

DAT, a Fleet Partner
DAT positions itself as a business partner for fleet managers and lessors. The solutions it offers provide them with high-value indicators for managing their vehicle fleets. These solutions are customizable and can be integrated with their fleet management systems. In a market facing multiple challenges, including energy, economic, and ecological aspects, fleet managers need powerful tools to better control costs and quickly react to accelerate decision-making.

Strategic Data
In this regard, instant access to data and key indicators such as the precise characteristics of the vehicle, maintenance cost estimates, spare parts, repair costs, telematics data, or the estimation of residual value has become strategic for the activities of rental professionals and fleet managers. In this field, DAT boasts over 90 years of experience and undisputed legitimacy, especially in Germany, where the company is a market leader.

Comprehensive Offer
Regarding DAT's Fleet offering, Philippe Perechodkin, Director of Fleets & Leasing at DAT, explains: "DAT's expertise in vehicle identification, estimation of maintenance and repair costs, and residual values, combined with the quality of our database, allows us to enter the automotive fleet market with one of the few offers covering the entire vehicle lifecycle. We enable fleet managers to save valuable time, have key indicators, and optimize their operational management costs."