InfoParc SIP2: GAC Group's Management Solution

Thursday 28 December 2023

The software publisher GAC Group introduces its fleet management software InfoParc SIP2. A solution that supports over 140 clients and manages nearly 280,000 vehicles of all kinds.


A year ago, GAC Group's acquisition of the InfoParc SIP2 software was driven by its complementarity with the group's other fleet management solutions. Two areas of expertise have since joined forces to meet market expectations and address the full range of user needs. "The integration of InfoParc SIP2 within a dedicated fleet management structure allows GAC InfoParc and GAC Technology teams to grow together and enhance the service provided to our clients. We are delighted, following this acquisition, to adhere to our golden rule: focus on a single profession, software editing, with excellence as the goal," said Matthieu Echalier, CEO of GAC Group.

As a reminder, the InfoParc SIP2 fleet management software offers:
-Customizable fleet supervision through advanced tool customization (vocabulary, modules, management rules, etc.)
-Optimal reporting with numerous available and exploitable data
-Comprehensive administrative management: vehicle orders, supplier contracts, fuel cards, accidents, etc.
-Exclusive workshop and service management: maintenance alerts and technical inspections, complete management of mechanical workshops, mechanic hours management, repair orders (RO) management, inventory management, invoicing, etc.

In 2023, the software has been enriched with new features, including:
-Integration of a module for creating quotes based on maintenance pre-dossiers
-Mass modification of renewal standards
-Mass export of documents
-Numerous new suppliers connected to the software, especially for retrieving electric recharge data
-The ability to send non-zipped automatic reports
-The ability to create a distribution list in editing templates