Midas targets professionals

Friday 5 January 2024

Midas is expanding its professional offerings and strengthening its position in the fleet market.


For nearly four years, the Midas network has been rolling out its service offerings for professionals. Fleet managers are not mistaken! The brand, a global leader in automotive maintenance and services, is indeed gaining more market share every day in this demanding sector. Supported by its combined offering with Norauto, Fleet-Hub, Midas now generates an average of 10,000 invoices per month, exclusively targeting professionals. Its technical expertise and the flexibility of its offering perfectly meet the needs of company vehicle managers.

A new tire storage service
All sectors of activity can benefit from a wide range of services covering 100% of the maintenance of a wide variety of vehicles. Furthermore, this year, a new tire storage service (winter/summer) is available. A real advantage for professionals for whom tire storage is no longer a problem in all seasons. Thanks to this unique 360° solution, Midas already has references in the digital sector, local authorities, and the energy industry.