Centaure, a guarantee of safety for fleets

Tuesday 6 February 2024

The Centaure network, at the heart of the road safety industry since 1984, stands out for its unique approach that combines common standards, autonomous management, and unwavering responsibility.


Bound by a strong association, all 12 Centaure centers in France work to promote quality pedagogy and a consistent experience throughout the prevention process. For the accompanied structures, Centaure represents a guarantee of safety as well as a local service. The organization has permanent trainers who are state-certified in road safety with valid teaching authorization. It also has a fleet of state-of-the-art vehicles in electric, hybrid, and thermal models, as well as electric charging stations at each center. Centaure's training programs are certified for road risk prevention and all benefit from Qualiopi, NF Service, CPF certifications.

A comprehensive approach to prevention At Centaure, road risk prevention aims to prevent and anticipate accidents, to enhance the skills and behaviors of employees around the triptych of human-vehicle-environment. Eco-driving is also included in the programs, aligning with CSR initiatives to consider environmental impact during travel, reduce maintenance costs, and address driver interests (such as reducing fatigue, stress, back pain, etc.). Following a traffic accident, Centaure offers a comprehensive analysis of the circumstances (post-accident debriefing). This service is included in the certified Preventis CARD-PRO 2 training. Additionally, as a complement to the training, the e-learning solution offers distance reinforcement modules on road risks and eco-driving. Finally, driving, rollover, and frontal crash simulators are available at all Centaure centers.