ZEborne optimizes its application

Wednesday 10 January 2024

The ZEborne Mobility Services application facilitates the charging of electric and hybrid vehicles, notably through a better consideration of each vehicle's characteristics in the search for charging stations.


The ZEborne Mobility Services application benefits from major updates to further optimize access to charging stations. This update comes with the integration of new services, making the application a true assistant in the daily travels of employees. ZEborne continues to optimize its application to ensure the best possible electric mobility experience. Thus, the charging station search service now includes selection criteria based on the type of plug and charging power. ZEborne Mobility Services also adopts new customization features, such as memorizing specific charging stations. Drivers can, therefore, be directly guided to the stations that best suit their needs during their travels, ensuring optimal mobility.

An offer designed for employees and fleet managers
For the rest, the ZEborne Mobility Services application maintains its already known features: availability and reservation of charging points, remote start, stop, and monitoring of charging. ZEborne offers charging solutions both at the office, at employees' homes, and on the go. Employees have access to 170,000 geolocated public charging stations available on the go through their ZEborne badge (RFID card) or via the ZEborne Mobility Services application. Fleet managers, on the other hand, have a management portal allowing them to track consumption, control the charging infrastructure, troubleshoot stations remotely, reimburse employees, and open and monetize stations through Gireve interoperability. Finally, charging stations installed by ZEborne at employees' homes identify the kWh count allocated to the vehicle's recharge, allowing reimbursement either by ZEborne or by the employer.