Eurofleet strengthens its offering for electric vehicles

Monday 29 January 2024

Specializing in servicing and maintenance for all types of vehicles, Eurofleet will be presenting its range of services dedicated to electric mobility.


The Eurofleet network (Speedy, Côté Route and First Stop) is the largest in France, with 900 local agencies and workshops throughout the country, offering the most extensive national coverage to meet the needs of professionals (rental companies, manufacturers, hauliers and farmers). Eurofleet offers a complete range of services, from maintenance and tire management for light vehicles, light commercial vehicles, trucks and industrial vehicles, to security services, air conditioning and glazing. All of this while offering its key account customers a uniform price structure and centralized invoicing, making it easier for fleet managers to monitor their day-to-day operations.

An enhanced offering for hybrid and electric vehicles
Building on its expertise in servicing combustion-powered vehicles, Eurofleet is expanding its range of services for hybrid and electric vehicles. Professionals will be able to benefit from a wide range of services, including checking the safety of the electrified vehicle, the health of the battery, the high-voltage circuit (charging cables, charging plugs, etc.) and braking systems (pads, discs and shock absorbers). This network strategy is designed to support customers in their day-to-day use of electrified vehicles, while consolidating Eurofleet's position as a trusted partner in the management of follow-up and maintenance. The Eurofleet network is also committed to decarbonizing mobility by installing electric charging stations in several of its centers. A service that will give drivers greater peace of mind.