Athlon brand relies on advisory services.

Tuesday 9 January 2024

Athlon assists fleet managers in their strategy by offering a range of services and expert advice to implement mobility solutions tailored to businesses.


Since the decision of the European Parliament to end the sale of combustion engine vehicles from 2035, the question of transitioning to electric vehicles is no longer in doubt. However, businesses are now overwhelmed with various questions related to its implementation. What is the range of electric vehicles? How is recharging managed? Should employees be equipped with home charging stations? What are the maintenance costs? What are the tax implications on the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)? Should I replace my fleet with 100% electric vehicles based on the usage patterns in my company? In this context, Athlon's role is to advise and inform fleet managers. The electrification of vehicles is a major strategic topic as it requires significant transition costs and behavioral changes while driving. Athlon's teams help facilitate this process by assisting clients in better understanding the various aspects of their business.

Athlon Consulting: Mobility Experts
Athlon Consulting's audit service offers tailored solutions to businesses based on a thorough and personalized diagnosis of the company's mobility needs and TCO analysis. This study allows for the proposal of the most suitable offer by considering the appropriate powertrain, exploring sustainable mobility options to complement the available choices for employees, and providing advice on taxation.

Athlon E-Mobility: Home Charging Stations
To facilitate the use of an electric fleet, Athlon suggests installing charging stations at employees' homes and incorporating the financing into the long-term lease monthly payments. Athlon supports its clients throughout the entire project: technical audit, installation, and implementation of charging stations. This solution offers numerous advantages. For the company, it is an asset that motivates employees to adopt an electric vehicle by simplifying recharging and optimizing TCO through the appropriate use of plug-in hybrid or electric vehicles. On the driver's side, they also benefit from having a charging station directly at home, with their employer covering the financial aspects of recharging. Additionally, Athlon E-Mobility provides access to the largest network of public charging stations in Europe through its recharge card and partner network. The company can also monitor the consumption of employees through a dedicated interface.