HysetCo introduces hydrogen vehicle leasing

Thursday 11 January 2024

HysetCo presents its full-service hydrogen vehicle leasing offer, covering both passenger vehicles (VP) and utility vehicles (VUL) for businesses.


During the Fleet Auto Meetings, HysetCo will showcase its hydrogen vehicle leasing offer tailored for businesses. Unprecedented in France, this offering represents a significant breakthrough in the market, aiming to facilitate and expedite the transition to zero-emission mobility. Currently, many companies are committed to greening their vehicle fleets to anticipate regulatory constraints (LOM, ZFE, etc.) and reduce their environmental impact. Among the available solutions, hydrogen is a particularly suitable energy source for intensive professional use (quick refueling in 3 to 5 minutes and long range). However, it remains relatively unknown and is still in development. To establish hydrogen as an alternative to battery electric vehicles, HysetCo has designed the first comprehensive service for leasing and managing a fleet of hydrogen vehicles.

Comprehensive Services
In practical terms, HysetCo handles all fleet management-related services, including vehicle provision, maintenance and repairs, insurance, replacement vehicles, administrative formalities, etc. All these services are centralized at the group's new operational site in Saint-Denis Pleyel, which notably houses the largest authorized hydrogen vehicle maintenance garage in Europe. Additionally, HysetCo operates the first hydrogen station network in France, with four stations in the Île-de-France region, allowing the integration of this "fuel" into its offering for complete cost visibility for professionals.

VP and VUL Offering
This customized offering has already attracted 500 passenger transport professionals, demonstrating that HysetCo's unique approach, involving coordinated development of infrastructure and usage, is key to the successful transition to hydrogen mobility for professionals. HysetCo also offers a complete range of hydrogen vehicles, including the Peugeot e-Expert (Stellantis) and Renault Master (Hyvia) in the utility vehicle category (VUL), and the Toyota Mirai 2 in the passenger vehicle category (VP). Some vehicles will be on display at the exhibition and can be tested by appointment.