Ze-Watt: a 100% Integrated EV Charging Solution

Friday 26 January 2024

Ze-Watt, an independent French Charging Point Operator (CPO), supports its clients in their electric vehicle (EV) charging station installation projects across France


As a manufacturer, installer, supervisor, maintainer, and roaming operator, Ze-Watt develops and offers all services related to EV charging through a fully integrated solution. The year 2023 was significant for Ze-Watt as the company exceeded 10,000 owned charging points across more than 1,500 sites nationwide. Key accounts, SMEs, public administrations, local authorities, and other property managers increasingly trust Ze-Watt for the planning and execution of their EV charging projects, as well as the operation of their charging stations.

A turnkey service offering
From 2015 to the present day, Ze-Watt has strengthened its position in the national market as a major player with a fully internalized service offering. With Ze-Watt, companies are supported in all stages of their EV charging projects. Simultaneously, the company has significantly expanded its roaming service. As of January 1, 2024, over 400,000 public charging points are accessible in Europe with the Ze-Watt charging badge, including 110,000 in France. Through this mobility offering, fleet managers can benefit from public charging with a network coverage of over 99%.

Solutions for home charging
For several years, Ze-Watt has recognized the importance of home charging for fleet vehicles. Its equipment offering for employees now perfectly meets the needs of uninterrupted mobility. In 2023, Ze-Watt developed significant partnerships for this specific type of installation. In 2024, Ze-Watt's teams will continue to provide expertise and know-how for emerging projects. The challenges related to the Mobility Orientation Law (Loi LOM) and, more broadly, energy transition require efficient and sustainable EV charging equipment. With its national network, Ze-Watt will offer tailored support for each project, prioritizing customer satisfaction.