Ad'just cushions are evolving

Monday 29 January 2024

Ad'just, the specialist in car back pain, will be celebrating its 10th anniversary at the Rencontres Flotauto. To mark the occasion, it will be holding a prize draw to win two "lumbar + seat" sets.


Over the last ten years, Ad'just has earned a reputation for its effectiveness in combating back pain in cars. But also more widely in light commercial vehicles, lorries, buses, coaches and other public works machinery. The two Ad'just cushions have been improved over the last ten years in response to feedback from users and changes in the market. The fourth version of the seat cushion opens up the trunk/leg angle, reducing nervous and muscular tension in the lower back. The seventh version of the back-lumbar cushion is inflatable/deflatable and precisely targets the lumbar hollow. Both have adjustable side stabilisers that wrap around the body. Ad'just: cushions that are easy to install and use In the car, two factors contribute to back pain: on the one hand, the seated position, with a sensitive and highly exposed lumbar region (tension, rounded back), and on the other, the vibrations, jolts, tilts and other centrifugal forces associated with driving. The solutions offered by Ad'just are full of common sense: adopt a good sitting position thanks to the adjustments, and maintain this position thanks to the wedges, whatever the quality of the road. Easy to install and use, and economical, Ad'just cushions are recommended by many health and employment professionals. More than 3,000 professional customers have already adopted them: SMEs, major international groups, local authorities, mid-sized companies, etc.