Winflotte simplifies and optimizes fleet management.

Thursday 4 January 2024

Winflotte is committed to a simpler and more efficient management of automotive fleets. The company focuses on administrative and financial impacts, as well as the improvement of operational efficiency.


As a specialist in fleet management, Winflotte prioritizes simplicity, automation, and user engagement. Its software, Winflotte 10 (SaaS mode), enables optimal fleet management and a reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), while incorporating CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) practices. This scalable and interconnected tool ensures advanced automation and adapts to various types of fleets. It offers a user-friendly interface, providing a smoother user experience for both fleet managers and drivers.
Each client has access to information systems for transparent fleet management and a clear, direct view of allocation and cost data. Winflotte also adjusts its procedures based on the specific needs of each client and facilitates the establishment of steering committees to adapt actions accordingly.

A fleet management solution
Winflotte Autostrategist service allows partial or total delegated fleet management, with a proactive and personalized approach tailored to each client's specific needs. The responsibilities of Winflotte managers range from daily operational management to strategic aspects, such as vehicle renewal, contracts and claims, and driver management. These professionals also monitor regulatory changes and promote environmentally responsible fleet management. Beyond economic, ecological, and logistical imperatives, Winflotte places human values at the core, ensuring excellent service where each Autostrategist is supported by a supportive and dedicated team.