Qovoltis optimizes and facilitates electric charging

Tuesday 9 January 2024

Qovoltis, a specialist in intelligent charging solutions for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, unveils its new offerings of charging stations and services at the Flotauto Meetings.


From design and production to maintenance and supervision of its charging stations, Qovoltis provides innovative and efficient solutions to businesses. Whether it's ERP (Public Reception Establishments), parking managers, fleet operators, condominiums, etc. Today, with the increasing number of electric and hybrid vehicles on the roads, the demand for installing charging stations is exploding, given that the LOM law now requires companies to equip at least 5% of their parking spaces with charging stations. Indeed, to successfully transition to electric mobility, companies need to equip their parking lots with charging stations for their own needs and those of their employees at home, clients, suppliers, or visitors.

Smart charging stations tailored to all needs
Qovoltis assists its clients through a customized, economical, and sustainable service that precisely meets their needs in terms of accessibility, power, savings, and energy cost control. As the producer and designer of intelligent charging stations in France, Qovoltis offers an advantageous control system to optimize energy purchase costs and connection to the electrical distribution networks. This technique allows for real-time distribution of available power while meeting the users' needs. This intelligent control system is available on all Qovoltis charging station models. It is compatible and ready to integrate the latest innovative technologies (Plug&Charge, Vehicle-to-Grid) in compliance with the latest standards for connectivity between the vehicle and management servers.

A comprehensive value chain offering
Intelligent, connected, and with a sleek design, Qovoltis charging stations provide businesses with simple, effective, and transparent answers regarding the cost of charging to support them in the transition to sustainable mobility. The Qovoltis solution for businesses allows for the shared use of stations for the fleet and employees. It is also possible to apply preferential rates based on the user (employee, visitor, etc.). Qovoltis stations are also suitable for installation at employees' homes, addressing the charging needs of employees who do not stay on the company premises for long periods. This solution allows for distinguishing between private and professional consumption flows. Additionally, Qovoltis enables businesses to create expense reports based on employees' homes or condominium parking lots.

Over 4,000 new charging station installations in 2024
Qovoltis currently has significant clients, such as the Iliad group (Free), Ista, real estate groups BMG and Bagan, hotel groups Louvre Hotels and Logis Hôtels, as well as automotive dealerships Jallu Berthier and Audi Bauer. By the end of 2024, Qovoltis aims to install over 4,000 charging stations throughout France.