GOMECANO is focusing on the mobile maintenance of fleets.

Friday 12 January 2024

During the Rencontres Flotauto, GOMECANO will present its mobile mechanic service and its network of professional mechanics who intervene on-site within 24 hours.


Since 2017, GOMECANO has been offering a unique mobile mechanic service through its website GOMECANO.com. The company has a network of professional mobile mechanics, called "Gomécaniciens," who intervene directly on-site in less than 24 hours, including equipment and spare parts.

The main strengths of GOMECANO are:
.On-site repairs, whether within the company premises or elsewhere. This type of intervention eliminates unnecessary vehicle travels to workshops.
.A network of 250 certified and qualified Gomécaniciens, ensuring professional expertise in every intervention.
.A fast service with appointments scheduled in less than 24 hours and the supply of quality parts.
.A dedicated advisor for each fleet manager to address all specific questions and requests.
.Accurate cost estimates for interventions to ensure total transparency in vehicle maintenance expenses.
.Preserved Manufacturer's warranty and adherence to the recommendations of lessors.

National Presence
Following a fundraising campaign in December 2022, GOMECANO strengthened its network's national presence. With over 20,000 interventions carried out in more than 200 major French cities, the company has established its brand by simplifying the maintenance of automotive fleets, lessors' fleets, and after-sales service management for new manufacturers.