Freshmile offers comprehensive support in the management of EV charging station implementation projects.

Wednesday 17 January 2024

Freshmile provides its clients with a turnkey project management solution for the installation of charging stations.


In addition to the charging station management offering, Freshmile now offers a turnkey solution for project and site management. The installation project of one or more charging stations goes through several stages. The coordination between these stages is crucial for the success of the project. As an expert, Freshmile collaborates with professionals at each of these stages. With this solution, Freshmile supports companies in defining their project, cost estimation, coordination, and site management, up to the daily monitoring of your charging stations.

A comprehensive mobility solution
For over ten years, Freshmile has been operating charging stations on behalf of cities, businesses, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, parking facilities, and condominiums. Freshmile also enables drivers to charge their electric vehicles by providing a complete mobility solution, including a subscription-free Pass and a mobile application for easy and enjoyable charging in France and Europe.