Hubeecar : a one-stop shop multiservice logistics offer

Monday 12 February 2024

Transport, storage, maintenance, on-board electronics, reconditioning, resale... Hubeecar offers a complete range of automotive logistics services for professionals.


Hubeecar is the first multiservice platform designed for automotive professionals. The offering is based on six areas of expertise covering the entire automotive supply chain. All Hubeecar services are accessible from a "one-stop shop", and delivered throughout France via logistics hubs or mobile units. Hubeecar is unique in that it offers a complete range of services delivered by operational entities belonging to the group.

A range of shared services
Changes in technologies, behaviors and needs are accelerating the shift from ownership to use of mobility. This strong service trend is multiplying the need for vehicle services to provide the best possible service to the end user. Hubeecar offers automotive professionals a "one-stop shop" (transport, storage, preparation, maintenance, on-board electronics, return, reconditioning, resale, etc.) that gives them access to a vast range of centralized and pooled services, enabling them to carry out, on their behalf, the services they are unable, unwilling or unable to provide.

Cost reduction
The company relies on two complementary models to optimize the automotive supply chain: logistics hubs deployed throughout the country close to customers, and mobile units that travel directly to their sites. Customers benefit from a single point of contact and invoicing, simplifying processes and reducing processing costs. The benefits for customers are manifold: reduction in lead time, TCM (Total Cost of Mobility) and the carbon footprint of their fleet. Hubeecar aims to be the only player capable of exploiting the different life cycles of a vehicle, while guaranteeing its customers a comprehensive range of business skills orchestrated from its digital platform.