Dunasys introduces three new products

Wednesday 24 January 2024

Dunasys, a specialist in connected devices for automobiles, unveils three new telematic products to transform automotive usage: D-Car Bluetooth, D-Car E, and D-Car S.


These three embedded telematics solutions reflect Dunasys' ongoing commitment to innovation in the field of intelligent mobility. D-Car Bluetooth offers unparalleled wireless connectivity, allowing drivers to easily sync their smartphones with the vehicle's key features. Intuitive controls, universal compatibility, and automatic updates ensure an optimal vehicle management and driving experience. D-Car E, on the other hand, is a fleet management device providing complete visibility and total control. With real-time tracking, advanced analytics, and enhanced security, D-Car E simplifies daily management, optimizes performance, and reduces operational costs.

A solution for car-sharing
Lastly, D-Car S is dedicated to car-sharing. This system complements the capabilities of D-Car E with features such as secure door opening and anti-theft immobilization. The device effectively allows fleet operators to manage vehicles efficiently, optimize operational costs, and enhance efficiency through intelligent fleet management and easy reservation for end-users. It's worth noting that all Dunasys products are easy to install and compatible with all vehicles.