Smappee launches its EV One charging station

Tuesday 2 January 2024

The new Smappee EV One charging station uses artificial intelligence to recharge electric vehicles up to half the cost and in a sustainable manner, utilizing solar energy.


Belgian company Smappee is expanding its range of smart charging stations with its new model, EV One. Thanks to artificial intelligence, this station enables the charging of electric vehicles at the lowest energy rates, all powered by solar energy. Made from 100% multi-recyclable aluminum, it has also been designed with sustainability in mind. The light on top serves as both a recharge card reader and ambient lighting for the surrounding area.

Intelligent charging at the office and home
Smappee charging stations are known for their intelligence, and the EV One is no exception. "At Smappee, we believe it's important that our charging stations continuously evolve with the rapidly changing energy market, allowing electric vehicle drivers to recharge quickly, affordably, and sustainably," explains Stefan Grosjean, CEO of Smappee. For instance, they ensure that charging with dynamic and variable rates is no longer a concern. A simple setting in the Smappee application allows users to choose their desired power limit, avoiding excessive costs. "We are, in fact, the only ones in the market offering these combined features. Additionally, you can optimize your electric vehicle charging with solar energy through Smappee's integrated solar forecasts, benefiting both the planet and your wallet," adds Stefan Grosjean.

An all-in-one solution for businesses
Charging sessions can be initiated and stopped using a QR code, RFID technology, or an intelligent charging program. The Smappee application and recharge management dashboard provide complete control, from home electric vehicle charging to managing different charging sessions for an electric fleet. "We aim to support fleet managers by offering an all-in-one charging solution that relieves them entirely of the transition to an electric fleet," says Stefan Grosjean. They can turn to us for hardware, and our software provides a convenient dashboard tailored to their needs, complemented by additional e-mobility services and targeted functions such as split billing. The additional benefit is that they can do it gradually; our charging solution is entirely modular."

Smappee Academy
With Smappee, it's also possible to start with charging stations and later add chargers or additional payment services. "We also take care of the installation. Installers can rely on training and strong support through the Smappee Academy. Lastly, it's possible to save up to 25% on installation costs thanks to the dynamic load balancing of our charging stations," concludes Stefan Grosjean.