Vulco Innovates for Fleets

Tuesday 16 January 2024

Vulco, a specialist in tires and automotive maintenance, is banking on its service offerings and management tools to attract major accounts and fleet managers.


In its professional offerings, Vulco introduces three innovations: VulcoParc, VulcoCheck, and the Mobile Workshop. VulcoParc is a fleet tracking solution that provides digitalization of information collection and analysis of the fleet's tire status, allowing real-time optimization of tire lifespan. VulcoCheck is the new diagnostic and analysis service dedicated to corporate fleets. This solution optimizes tire management through artificial intelligence image recognition. It provides fleet managers with precise tire condition monitoring, diagnostics, maintenance recommendations, and the ability to schedule appointments with the nearest Vulco center. As for the Mobile Workshop, it is a unique concept in the automotive maintenance field. This mobile unit, resembling a container, is specially designed for the maintenance of light and utility vehicles. Equipped with a lifting platform and an integrated service bay, it offers a comprehensive and convenient solution close to customer fleets. All vehicle maintenance services are possible.

Vulco 4 Fleet: Tailored Solutions for Fleet Management
With its 4 Fleet offering for fleets and professionals, Vulco provides a range of tailored solutions for the routine maintenance and tire management of light and utility vehicles. The brand has a network of agencies across the country, offering exclusive services and offerings dedicated to professionals. Through the 4 Fleet solution, Vulco provides clients with centralized billing while adhering to guidelines on pricing, brand policy, and pricing.
"The participation of Vulco in the Flotauto Meetings is a key moment in our annual calendar," stated Camille Mounier, CEO of Vulco. "It is an exceptional showcase for our fleet management innovations. Our solutions are the result of careful consideration of customer feedback; they meet current fleet management requirements and pave the way for substantial savings and more sustainable fleet management."