Ulys introduces its Ulys Electric Pro card.

Wednesday 17 January 2024

With its Ulys Electric Pro pass, Ulys simplifies the daily payment for electric vehicle fleets' recharges


As a partner for companies in fleet management, Ulys continues to expand its service offerings with Ulys Electric Pro. This pass streamlines the payment process for electric charging. Assigned to each employee or vehicle in the company, Ulys Electric Pro allows payment, through a single card, for electric charging at over 100,000 charging points across France (almost 90% of the charging stations in France). The company can manage its passes and track expenses online, alongside those related to toll collection and parking. All payments made through the pass are invoiced and collected in a single monthly statement. This service is available standalone or coupled with the Ulys toll collection offering.

Ulys Electric Pro: a unique card
With Ulys Electric Pro, both professionals and companies have a single card to recharge their vehicle(s). With this new service, Ulys supports the deployment of electric vehicle fleets in businesses by simplifying the recharge management for both employees and fleet managers. The pass can be associated with employees or relevant vehicles, streamlining the daily recharge process for the entire electric fleet of the company. With this new Ulys Electric Pro offering, Ulys now covers the entire value chain of professional mobility: toll collection, parking, fuel cards, and electric charging.

A single subscriber space
Ulys Electric Pro simplifies the management of expenses related to electric vehicle recharges, similar to what already exists for toll collection and parking:
- Employees no longer have to pay upfront for recharge expenses or manage expense reports related to their electric vehicle travel.
- Fleet managers have a single online space to oversee toll, parking, and electric recharge accounts. Similar to toll collection, they can allocate passes and track their usage.
- The accounting department receives only one detailed invoice, summarizing all payments related to recharges from the previous month.