Alphabet Business Club: Meetings to Envision Tomorrow's Mobility

Monday 15 January 2024

With its "Alphabet Business Club," the rental company Alphabet France supports businesses and their employees on a daily basis in their mobility challenges.


The teams at Alphabet France are dedicated to assisting businesses and their employees in understanding the challenges related to today's and tomorrow's mobility and in implementing solutions that meet their expectations. To address their constantly evolving needs, especially in a rapidly changing context, Alphabet's teams have created the Alphabet Business Club. The idea: regularly organized workshops bringing together Alphabet teams and their clients at the Alphabet lab. These workshops emphasize expertise, proximity, exchanges, and reflection.

Regularly Organized Workshops
Fleet electrification, installation of charging stations at employees' homes, energy transition, regulations—these changes continually disrupt the challenges related to mobility, requiring decision-makers and fleet managers to rethink their knowledge and beliefs. To address the questions raised by these changes and to devise solutions that will accompany employees' mobility in the future, Alphabet's teams regularly invite their clients to participate in workshops as part of the Alphabet Business Club. External speakers with strong, cross-cutting, and complementary expertise are also invited to assist participants in understanding and deciphering their challenges.

Collaborative Meetings
As genuine moments of listening, sharing, and reflection, these co-construction workshops allow participants to gain perspective on their practices, exchange ideas with counterparts from other companies, and obtain useful information on sometimes challenging subjects. Resolutely collaborative, these meetings encourage the confrontation of different viewpoints with trust and complete transparency. All of this is aimed at fostering the emergence of best practices and concrete solutions that can be quickly implemented within organizations.